This is an updated post from July 12, 2020, with the additional text in italics. As continues to grow, we want everyone to know what we’re about. We hope this clarifies our vision, purpose and goals.

We are building the online foundation for Leather’s cultural permanence; a pre-eminent data hub for today’s Leather people and cultures. That’s the deal with us. There’s no “other” or concealed deal.

Not selling anything

The site is not a placeholder for a future online business or brand. We are not seeking to sell anything, be they subscriptions, directory access or related services & products. We are a Leather service organization. Our vision is on our home page: “All Leather-identified people will have the means to guide a strong community building effort, unified in support of Leather’s freedom and diversity.”

Ongoing Leather Service

Leather List exists as an ongoing Leather service, with a 4+ year history. Its first finished form, launched in Spring of 2018 after a one year development period, was an intersectional fundraising platform for 44 national and local nonprofits directly identified with Leather, or in support of Leather’s diverse people.

Today, we remain a Leather service organization designed to support and strengthen all Leather-identified people & cultures, and the Leather Economy which is vital to its continued development.

Our links work

100% of our Resource Directories links are “live” and working due to daily monitoring. Our idea of Leather Service is about reaching a perfect level service, never wasting any user’s time. The site contains over 1,150 links.

Leather diversity

We often refer to “today’s Leather people and cultures” because we are committed to racial, gender and sexual orientation inclusion as a top priority and integral to our Mission Statement. We believe our links reflect the full range of inclusion of all Leather-identified people and cultures.


We can always use some volunteer help with our internet research efforts. To volunteer, just contact us here


If you attach some value to what we are doing, you can contribute any amount to support our effort on our homepage (sorry, it’s not tax-deductible.) You can donate any amount to help defray our costs, which mainly consist of hosting, domain name registry and software updates. However, our costs are well controlled, so we are not in any financial danger and are not begging for help. Help us if you want to help.

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