A good Leather friend recently included a link to LeatherList.org in an online birthday party invitation.  Guests were asked to contribute to local NPOs on LeatherList.org, instead of bringing gifts. That’s a great example of how Leather List fits in with everyday Leather, LGBTQ and sex positive peoples’ lives.

This is also true for parties of all kinds, especially those within Leather, LGBTQ and sex positive communities. From Leather List/National alone, invitees will find plenty of NPO choices to select from.

If you are throwing a party, and want to support the freedom to live (and play) in Leather, LGBTQ and sex positive life, making contributions to Leather List is a great way to do it. As a party host, you can suggest specific Leather List NPOs that you want to support, or you can refer guests to the site itself.

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