The Leather Service Blog has been a part of since its launch in early 2018. It’s mainly served in a traditional way, generating information about the site and its features.

Original model

Those familiar with its original model know that it once hoped to curate multiple contributors. The blog wanted to be a broad forum of many voices who could be thoughtful about the direction of Leather Service. It still does.

Unity for diversity

By engaging fully with the widest possible range of cultures that thrive within Leather, the blog would help expand and guide the future profile of Leather Service.The big picture was that it could bring a real Leather unity in support of diversity.


Interested in joining as a contributing author? Contact us!

Leather permanence

A permanent culture builds institutions and an economy to support it. The credo of Leather permanence has been tagged on the site many times, and this blog is ultimately in the service of our vision, and the key value of permanence.

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