The voluntary “tip” option (that you see right before clicking “Contribute”) is Leather List’s source of income. From that income, Leather List and its volunteer board manage the costs of managing and marketing the website.

Leather List also provides other services to Leather people and cultures:

  • The Resources pages are already a central location for information about Leather clubs, annual events, calendars and sex positive centers.
  • Leather List provides social media services to any of Leather or sex positive organizations that seeks to sponsor NPOs on Our Leather List Local Program is designed to serve them. These typically longer-term (3-12 months) commitments to promote Leather List NPOs.
  • Leather List’s tri-fold informational brochure is now available for distribution.

We hope that the Leather List mission & vision, which we combine into the phrase Leather Service To Communities can be fully financed by our “tips”. We believe each contributor should decide for themselves how they value Leather List’s services and presence in today’s Leather life.