Leather List gives a big shout out to Seattle Men In Leather for their support! SML is offering patch credit to members who donate time representing Leather List at Leather Reign 12 (November 9-11 in Bellevue, WA)

Leather List is staffing an ‘information area’ where Leather Reign 12 attendees can learn more about Leather List and LeatherList.org. SML members (who are registered for Leather Reign 12) will help introduce Leather Reign 12 attendees to these groundbreaking developments in Leather service..

Leather clubs can easily connect with Leather List. Any established club that wishes to fundraise for a Leather List NPO can contact Leather List to arrange an event sponsorship. Leather List can add a club’s name and logo to the NPO it is sponsoring. Leather List will also provide social media support for the event.

Leather List supports local Leather clubs and annual events! Thank you to Seattle Men In Leather for supporting Leather List!!