Leather Reign 12 QR code

Leather Reign 12 QR

As a way of making LeatherList.org easier to access, Leather List produces QR codes, which have been used worldwide for years. For phones and most tablets, they are shortcuts to the site, eliminating typing in the browser, which is difficult for many people.  For iPhones, just let the camera focus on it, then tap a tab to take you to the site (Androids may need additional software).

QR codes also support special sponsorship pages for Leather events. Our page linked to this year’s Leather Reign 12 is a great example. Any event can do the exact same thing through our Leather List Local Program. The sponsorships (here’s Leather Reign’s dedicated Leather List page) are free for events and clubs to receive. Just contact Leather List.

Leather List can support its sponsorships with onsite materials. Here’s a scaled down version of an easel poster board for Leather Reign 12.

At the bottom right of the poster is the QR code. As event attendees walk past the display, they can scan the code and go quickly to LeatherList.org.

QR codes will have many other uses that will make it more accessible to everyone.