Your not-so-humble founder and editor-in-chief has had a 2019 jammed with major – and mostly positive – life developments, especially this summer. The same is nearly as true for our chief researcher extraordinaire slave jill.

Leather List is of course a volunteer activity, and like many others, can be subject to such challenges to time and effort. I suppose a brief sabbatical such as ours is understandable, given the whole history of Leather List’s development. I refer you to an earlier blog post if you wish to see its previous form and substance.

We hope you see both the benefit and promise of the Leather List directory resources. Need we say that we invite your volunteered energy, input, inclusion, talents and just plain caring about the quality and growth of Leather life?

We try to help organize, inform, celebrate, recognize its diversity and validate the existence and development of Leather people and cultures -beyond any possible erasure in any of its forms.

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