'Embraced heart' logoOur Resources pages have just been updated again. And we’re launching our Leather Economy page, beginning with nine business sectors, and more planned. LeatherList.org is loaded with updated information of value to Leather people and cultures, a growing part of Leather List’s own Leather Service To Communities. The Resources pages are directly in line with our mission and vision.

Leather Economy

What’s the Leather Economy page about? To make Leather culture more permanent, it must have its own diverse economy. It’s an intersection of goods and services for Leather, sex-positive and LGBTQ people, reflecting Leather’s history & core identity.

Active development

The page is still in active development, with many more updates ahead! Nonprofits (NPOs) supported through Leather List will truly succeed when they are supported by a strong Leather Economy! (and our researcher slave jill is constantly at work!) Please note that some sectors, such as Leather bars, are just beginning their development.

{The Leather Economy page does not duplicate the professional listings in the Kink Aware Professionals (“KAP”) directory, Instead, it expands the category of online businesses, including many brick & mortar stores.}