We aim to support Leather, BDSM, Kink & Fetish cultures – that’s all. We are unity in support of diversity. LeatherList.org is a safe place, and will remain so. It is not a commercial site – it’s about cultures, communities and the businesses that support them.

No listing reviews

For these reasons, LeatherList.org will never open listings to reviews. We will not become a place where anyone can harm anyone in our Leather Economy, or any other listing category.  No listing reviews – ever.

We’re here to promote Leather visibility, diversity and solidarity, always in support of Leather permanence. And when you claim a listing, it’s yours to say what you want about your organization, club, company, etc.


We always take a fighting stance against racism in order to abolish it. We speak up for equality, social justice and responsibility – check out our Twitter feed. Racism will never find a home anywhere on Leather List. Inclusion is our strength. If you ever find that’s not true, let us know here.

This Leather Service Blog

This blog is still in its infancy. It is and has always been a site ready for moderated blog dialogue & commentary on any issue bearing some relation to Leather cultures, from any site member. No one has chosen that yet, but someone could start that now, with a reply to this post. Leather List would also be happy to consider candidates for contributing author roles.

More safety

Site membership will always be free. Blog comments always subject to moderator pre-approval.

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