Leather List will close its fundraising on LeatherList.org on 12/31/18. The site will focus on its Resources pages and its blog, to provide a continuing service for Leather people and cultures.

Lack of response

This change is simply the result of the lack of public (and Leather) response to its core fundraising capability. It makes no sense for the site to continue engaging with its 44 NPOs if it does not believe it can successfully carry forward that part of its mission.

No malfeasance

There was no malfeasance or any operational crisis leading to this decision. Leather List, a Federal 501(c)(3), has no legal or financial troubles or liabilities. This is simply a management decision. It is possible that its fundraising capability can be revived in the future.


L L is “downshifting” to find the torque that can help preserve and drive Leather cultures forward. We urge everyone who has expressed faith in L L’s mission and vision to remain site members. We believe it can still be a powerful source of unity and welfare for all Leather cultures.

Please feel free to offer new additions to our Resources pages. Scroll to the bottom of any Resources page and you’ll see the simple form for update suggestions. We have already received many such requests, and have added that data to the site.

Under construction

During January 2019, there will be some site re-design. The site’s new core, the Resources pages, will remain available (and continue to be updated) while this work is ongoing.

Questions? Please e-mail executive@leatherlist.org

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