Leather List is on social media. Follow us (theleatherlist) on both Instagram or Twitter! We also maintain a Facebook page.

Our 2 year old Twitter feed covers a wide range of Leather-related topics. It picks up our blog posts too. These include health, LGBTQ+, sexuality and sex-positive life, non-monogamy … and politics that is all about protecting & promoting diversity, fighting racism and taking care of people first!

Our Instagram feed picks up our blog posts, always with exciting images meant to remind us of fully active Leather life & culture. We hope you will “like” what you see and read there.

Our Facebook page picks up our blog posts. While we are grateful for any page likes, Leather List has concerns about FB’s repeated dangers to free and fair elections, and its “hands off” attitude toward hate speech. We want Facebook to correct itself so that it becomes a fit environment for Leather folk to connect. We urge all Leather folk to advocate there for change.

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