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Leather List (“L L”) again expresses its deepest thanks to the NPOs on Leather List/National that you see listed below. Why have eighteen (18) national NPOs joined L L  at launch? Because Leather cultures have grown in size and diversity. We must be represented at a national level politically, legally, medically and socially.

L L/National is the only List that supports a National Leather Institutions portfolio. Leather must continue to develop organizations that carry the Leather name. That reinforces Leather’s permanence.  L L/National also signals that many of today’s Leather people are vulnerable – socially, medically, legally. The unavoidable need is for advocacy on a national level.

Leather cultures are stronger when united action can be taken. Until L L, there was no way to do that. L L presents a wide array of choices for providing support, but honors individual choice about where and how much want to do that.  LeatherList.org was designed that way, for both National and Local Lists.

As LeatherList.org grows, L L/National will gradually increase the number of NPOs it supports across all five portfolios. The more rapid growth will be at the Local level, where it should be, given that Leather cultures’ leadership across the U.S. is locally based. Locally, Leather people are everywhere, throughout the U.S.

Much more could be said about L L/National, but better that the attention turn directly to the NPOs themselves. If you like what you see on LeatherList.org, please like us on Facebook! And most of all, support them here on LeatherList.org! Questions? Comments? Use our secure Contact page.

Health & Medicine (3)

GLMA – Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality
TASHRA (The Alternative Sexuality Health Research Alliance)

LGBT Support (8)

Equality Federation
Gender Diversity
GLBT Historical Society Archives & Museum
National Center For Transgender Equality
Transgender Law Center

National Leather Institutions (3)

Carter/Johnson Leather Library
Tom of Finland Foundation
The Leather Journal

Radical/Sex Positive Life (2)

CARAS (Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualites)
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)

Relationship Freedom (2)

Relationship Equality Foundation
Sexual Freedom Legal Defense & Education Fund