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Leather List extends its deepest thanks to the first forty (40) local and national nonprofit organizations (“NPOs”) that made this great beginning possible. Every NPO on Leather List, Local or National, embraces Leather people, cultures and communities! This is part of L L’s vision: to offer comprehensive information and choices that give people a chance to support Leather, and its most vulnerable family members. Watch for our mid-May announcement with even more participating NPOs!

Leather List/ Pacific NW

Now we celebrate the 21 Pacific Northwest NPOs on Leather List/ Pacific NW !. They provide local, immediate and direct services to Leather people and cultures, especially those vulnerable to discrimination, oppression, hatred and harm. They are outreaching directly to Leather people, clubs and event/conference organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest (Alaskan NPOs pending!). Support them because they support you, and the local needs of Leather people and cultures.

A Call to Leather leaders

L L/ Pacific NW is proof that LeatherList.org can be built by Leather leaders, region by region, to cover the entire U.S.  L L  reaches out to those who practice and think about Leather leadership.. You can volunteer to start up, research/develop and launch an L L/Local in your region! Leather List offers free consultation. Contact Robert Odell, LICSW/Board President for more information.

If you like what Leather List is doing, share share our page with Leather family and friends!

Next up…Leather List/National will be introduced here on the LSTC Journal on May 3, 2018. L L/National offers resources that protect, research, educate and care for Leather people & cultures at the national level.

  • As of May 1 2018, here are (in alpha order) the NPOs on Leather List/Pacific NW! Please like & follow the NPOs on Facebook, and share them with friends. There’s even more information on them at LeatherList.org/Contribute
Health & Medicine (7)

Cascade Aids Project (Portland, OR)
Crisis Connections (Seattle, WA)
Gay City (Seattle, WA)
Life Foundation (Honolulu, HI)
Lifelong (Seattle, WA)
Prism Health (Portland, OR)
Seattle Area Support Groups (SASG) (Seattle, WA)

LGBTQ Support (12)

Camp Ten Trees (Seattle, WA)
Coalition Ending Gender Based Violence (Seattle, WA)
Entre Hermanos (Seattle, WA)
Equal Rights Washington (Seattle, WA)
Equi Institute (Portland, OR)
Gender Justice League (Seattle, WA)
Hawai’i LGBT Legacy Foundation (Honolulu, HI)
Human Dignity Coalition (Bend, OR)
Legal Voice (Seattle, WA)
PFLAG Portland (Portland, OR)
PFLAG Seattle (Seattle, WA)
Q Center (Portland, OR)

Radical/Sex Positive Life + Relationship Freedom (2)

Pan Eros Foundation (Seattle, WA)
SPEEC (Sex Positive Education & Event Center) (Portland, OR)