LeatherList.org is back online. Due to many factors, we weren’t able to quickly repair the software conflicts that took the site down in Sept. But we’re back up! With the only online Leather service of its kind.

Our basic listings of Leather clubs & chapters, annual events and sex-positive centers are free. We have been introducing our featured listing, the Leather Economy. 

Leather unity

Leather List is all about Leather unity, diversity, intersection and permanence. Unity is a subject that is often discussed. Yet few Leather organizations or activities consistently or broadly develop it.

Leather permanence

Permanence means that Leather, as a historic resistance movement for sexual freedom, can never be deleted or minimized. It has existed across its various subcultures for nearly 70 years and it will not “go away”.

Clubs, chapters, annual events, calendars and sex-positive centers

Leather List strives for complete and updated listings of Leather clubs, chapters, annual events and event calendars. Leather List includes sex-positive centers, part of the intersection supporting sexual freedom.

Your Leather voice

Leather List is not just about unity. It’s about as many people as possible having a voice in Leather’s growth and development. Get a free site membership. Post comments & questions. Apply to become an author.


We know LeatherList.org would benefit from partnerships that help develop and promote the resource directories and the Leather Economy. We believe these partnerships will strengthen Leather people and cultures.

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