Florida Power Exchange Event Weekend

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Florida Power Exchange Event Weekend


The Florida Power Exchange Event Weekend is an annual event that celebrates the unique power exchange dynamics that make up our communities. This will be our 7th year and we are proud, and humbled, to say that our amazing attendees are not only local but nationwide AND International. Leather, pups, littles, M/s, D/s and everything in between. We are not your average event or your average community! We proudly host the FLORIDA POWER EXCHANGE TITLE CONTEST (feeder for the International Power Exchange Title) Contestant spots are also available, share your dynamic with the world!)

Special hotel block pricing!
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Mama’s Family Photo taken annually


*Our mission is to provide a yearly event that gives a platform to celebrate and educate on the unique Power Exchange dynamics that are lived throughout the world. We hope to accomplish this by providing an environment that fosters an opportunity to learn, share and come together in a way that unifies us all as one group of like minded members whose goal is to foster a stronger and more understanding community.*

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