Audre Lorde was a Black American writer, feminist, womanist, librarian, and civil rights activist.

We refer you back almost four years, to the words of Patty, IMSL 2014, delivered as the keynote speech at the Leather Leadership Conference on March 10, 2017. The words are as true and accurate today as then.

Intersectionality is in the fundraising roots of Leather List in 2017. Our vision statement: “All Leather-identified people will have the means to guide a strong community building effort, unified in support of Leather’s freedom and diversity.”

Emerging from national-level trauma

We’re just emerging from four long and traumatic years in the US. The past “administration” put forward policies designed to defeat and divide our intersectional strength. It has been four years of full-on cultural aggression primarily due to white supremacy. From screwing with the Census, to taking rights away from LGBTQI+ students, to eliminating Federal level diversity & inclusion trainings, to amplifying the voices of bigotry and hatred –  it never stopped belching hatred and exclusion. Our Twitter feed has tried to speak out against the many injustices and insults suffered by our people – and the nation as a whole – over this period.

Moving forward intersectionally

Now is the time for our intersectional cultures to lock arms and move forward, when there is hopefully less political & cultural opposition. Leather folk are at the leading edge of affirming intersectional identities, and Leather List will always support them moving forward. Here is where they are seen and recognized, and able to represent themselves.

Claim your listing

Today, still delivers on the intersectional promise. Every Leather culture is represented amongst our over 1150 listings (and our listings grow constantly!) For all those listed on, now is the time to claim your listing. Let’s move forward step by step in 2021 – together!

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