Leather people and cultures have long focused on the sensual & sexual, and that usually means something other than social distancing. Leather List believes that sex-positive and kinky people will observe science-driven regulations, and creatively find new ways to resume Leather life.

Annual events rescheduling

Many annual Leather events are proceeding cautiously with re-scheduling for the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2020, while some have postponed to 2021. You can quickly access the websites for these events with our Resource Directories. Click on the Annual Leather Events category, and then the Regions will give state-by-state results.

Science and facts

The facts concerning COVID-19 can change, but the seriousness of it will not. Understand the math, and realize how many millions of lives are at stake. We are facing a long term struggle against a highly transmittable and very deadly virus.

Hope springs

What we hope is that our knowledge of prevention (Fauci and Birx have early AIDS experience) anti-virals and vaccines Рand the preventive measures we must observe  and execute Рwill be sufficient to fight back this challenge. Leather people and cultures never knowingly sacrifice any human life.

Avoiding fiction

Leather history teaches us to observe the most seasoned epidemiologic, public health and academic experts. Leather folk want that consensus to be faithfully executed at all governmental levels. That is the proper management of a public health crisis, and Leather folk know it.

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