Leather Service To Communities



Leather Service To Communities (LSTC) is service from Leather people to those that serve the interests of Leather people & cultures every day. Service means volunteered time and/or financial contribution. Communities refers to Leather’s diverse people.


There is a nearly 40 year history of organized charity fundraising service, principally within Men’s Leather. What began as support for individuals and families, driven by the onset of the AIDS crisis, became a robust charitable tradition. [The Health & Medicine and LGBTQ Support portfolios honor & support these roots of Leather’s local & national charitable giving history].

LSTC carries forward Leather service’s legacy of help to the most vulnerable. It’s today’s Leather people supporting the practice, research, education & protection of their own vital interests. It supports Leather people who are socially, politically, medically and economically amongst society’s most vulnerable populations.

Today’s Leather Service

Over the last 40 years, Leather people have changed. Yet today’s struggles are just as real. Leather remains a resistance to social & sexual oppression, dehumanization and stereotyping. LSTC is direct support for these ongoing struggles, and those who face oppression. Leather List’s five portfolios address each area of need or growth:


  1. Health & Medicine is core to Leather history & identity. Fighting AIDS is core; gender and kink-competence in medical and mental health treatment is now essential
  2. Fluid genders and sexual orientations are well established in Leather. LGBTQ Support is needed to face violence, oppression and stigma.
  3. Leather’s consent culture & practices maintain Radical/Sex Positive Life. Leather, BDSM & Kink educators are powerful voices for sexual health.
  4. A diverse body of National Leather Institutions in different cultural & commercial areas must be further developed
  5. Expressing one’s Relationship Freedom in most workplaces may put one’s job or career at risk. Freedom in forming consensual relationships is central to Leather cultures.
Leather List Local Program

The Leather List Local Program describes how Leather List, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, works with local U.S. Leather clubs and Leather & sex positive events.

The goal is to increase fundraising levels through relationships between Leather clubs & events and local & national nonprofits (NPOs) supported through LeatherList.org,

Club sponsorship

A Leather club can sponsor up to two Leather List NPOs. The club fundraises using LeatherList.org during one or more club events. The club’s patch logo is placed on each NPO listing, and the event receives social media support from Leather List

Event sponsorship

Annual Leather or sex positive events can sponsor up to six Leather List NPOs, with a 90-180 day sponsorship. (It can do separate fundraising efforts before, during and after the event.) Leather List creates a dedicated page for the selected NPOs. The event also creates a dedicated page on its website. Leather List provides both onsite and social media support.

Contact Leather List to open a sponsorship