dungeons playspaces We’re highlighting our current (and soon to be increased!) listings of thirty (30) Dungeons & Playspaces, which is part of the Leather Economy on LeatherList.org. We are also “re-highlighting” our Sex-Positive Centers category. There couldn’t be a more important time to mention these essential parts of Leather cultures.

Survival Mode

Many of these private and non-profit venues (and many annual events) are in survival mode, with uncertain timeframes due to COVID-19 statewide shelter-in-place orders, and the public regaining its confidence. The scheduling of venue re-openings, and when events will actually take place, has been thrown into limbo and confusion.

Seeking support

Use LeatherList.org to find events near you that you can donate some survival money to. just do a statewide search in the Resource Directories. You can use the Directories to locate other venues and events around the US and Canada that you might also wish to support.

Photo credit: Chris Marchant

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