When you donate to Leather List, it allows us to meet our expenses. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. If your Federal tax return calculations allows you to deduct charitable contributions, your donation to Leather List is tax-deductible.501(c)(3) corporations are also subject to laws and rules around financial transparency. (You can search Leather List reporting on, the leading site for nonprofit reporting.) Leather List strives to maintain the highest level of operational integrity.


With now focused on providing resources for Leather life, our costs of doing business are mainly related to operating Web hosting, domain registration, and some website software subscriptions cover nearly all of our regular expenses. We’ll review our startup costs in our mid-year report. (This includes development of the original


We’ll be publishing our consolidated 2018 financial on this blog in May, as part of our transparency policies, and our 2019 operating budget in June.