Yes, has a minimum allowable contribution: it’s $1. One dollar. That low minimum contribution has been Leather List’s policy from day one. Why? We believe that a $1.00 contribution will become a $5, $10 or more – in due time. We’re here for the long haul.

Remember that you can give to as many NPOs as you wish in a single contribution.

Some say that Leather List should not promote its low minimum contribution, because that would promote giving less. But we recognize that a lot of Leather folk operate on tight budgets, and are not always able to donate large amounts, even to NPOs (nonprofits) that are fighting for their rights every day. They care about Leather values and interests as much as the next person.

Leather List would rather have you join (always free, fast and private), and join our movement of Leather Service To Communities. What’s important is for Leather folks to know that Leather List honors and thanks ALL contributors to its NPOs.