With over 1,000 working links to today’s Leather people & cultures, we now invite you to claim your listing on Leather List!

Show pride in your Leather organization! Add graphics, full description & more to your listing.

Here’s how:

    • Register with LeatherList.org. Permanently free with no additional BS. You can receive notice of blog posts, with comment privileges, or opt out.
    • Go to the main Resource Directories page.
    • Find your organization’s listing in the Search window
    • Click “”Claim Listing” and then the “Claim Listing” button. Your claim request will be promptly approved.
    • You can upload up to three images and both long and short description/history. Please do not change “Organization Type”, “Country” or “State”

No listing yet?

We want to list every local and national Leather-identified or connected organization in North America! Click the “Create A Listing” button at the top of the Resource Directories. A valid weblink is required. We’ll review it quickly and hopefully publish it ASAP.

Leather Economy

Everyone knows how challenging the economy can be. Leather List seeks to build and support a true Leather Economy sector. If your organization is included in one of our categories, please contact us with your link!

Please contact Leather List with any questions, or problems with content contained in any listing.

Leather’s cultural permanence

During this terrible time in history when so much of Leather life must be postponed, LeatherList.org represents Leather’s cultural permanence. Together let’s build LeatherList.org into a colorful, informative example of what truly diverse Leather and sex-positive cultures are about!

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“The Double L”

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