Finally – a brief update! The quietness of this blog is a temporary result of my extreme busy-ness. My wedding last weekend, and the impending move from my home of 13 years have completely swallowed up all of my spare time for the last three months (at least). But Leather List is not a one-person managed site.

Leather Economy grows

At my direction, our dedicated slave jill, editor of Leather Economy, has been adding new listings to our unique and growing asset for Leather people and cultures. This includes additions to Leather Clubs, Annual Leather Events, Sex-Positive Centers, MAsT chapters and Leather Economy.

Leather Economy was started as a link to the retail economies that in the were built in the Leather district in San Francisco (a part of SOMA) and New York City beginning in the 1960s (we are interested to hear of other cities where this may have been true as well). True & permanent cultures usually have an economic base, and Leather List intends to strengthen that aspect of Leather culture in every way it can.

Leather Service Journal seeks guest authors

Speaking to blog activity, the stated policy of Leather Service Journal is to include guest authors. If you want to write and submit an article focused on service to Leather people and cultures, please send it in!!  Send to, or this site’s Contact page, for articles or questions. We are eager to start publishing the diverse voices of Leather!

That’s our brief update for now!  Meanwhile, thanks to slave jill for her service, and let’s hear from you!