2015 Palm Springs Leather PrideLeather events have created a cadre of performers, videographers, production specialists, photographers, writers and more allied artists. Our Leather Economy wants to include them all!

With our enhanded listings, it’s possible to display up to ten pictures, with ample room for short and long descriptions, work histories, contact info and more. Here’s how:


    • Register with LeatherList.org. Permanently free, with no BS. Get optional blog posts (with comment privileges.)
    • Then go to the Resource Directories page.
    • Find your organization’s listing in the Search window
    • Click “Claim Listing”, then the “Claim Listing” button. Your request will be promptly reviewed.
    • Upload up to ten images, and long and/or short background profiles.
    • To Create A Listing: Click the “Create A Listing” button. Valid weblink required. We review listing requests promptly.

[Photo Credit: Mr. Palm Springs Leather Pride 2015]

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