We’ve reached another milestone in the Service provided by our Resource Directories. All five Resources are now available in easily searchable databases across all 50 states and Canada. And we’ve just exceeded 500 total listings!

Search: The basic way to use Resources is to search. Are you looking for a Leather club listing, or an annual Leather event? [Click a Resource category] How about listings in a particular state or province? [Click the “Regions Menu” button]

Leather Economy: Nearly 200 of our listings belong to our exclusive Resource, Leather Economy. You can search them by type of business and/or location, across the U.S. & Canada, including internet-only listings.

Adding a listing: We want you to add a listing if you know (or sponsor) an event, club, chapter, sex-positive center or Leather Economy business that should be included. We’ll do everything we can to include it.

Feedback: We are always working on how we want to develop these Resources.

Join us: Please join LeatherList.org (it’s always free) You’ll receive our blog posts, generally twice a month, and members can add their feedback. We aim to grow the blog, the Leather Service Journal, with multiple authors expressing their views on Leather Service.



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