LeatherList.org is a resource for annual Leather event producers.

Leather Reign 12 is the first annual event to begin exploring the possibilities. This is fundraising focused on the biggest areas of need and vulnerability, as well as Leather institutions themselves.

Event producers have long held leadership positions across all Leather cultures. Until LeatherList.org, events could only partially offer the kind of information and choices that LeatherList.org offers.

Here’s the re-post:

Leather Reign congratulates Leather List on its debut at Leather Reign 12 (Nov. 9-11 ,2018). Our collaboration with Leather List marks the first time an annual Leather event has done charitable fundraising using this new online platform.

Leather Reign 12 sponsored six local & national nonprofits on that work each day to help Leather people and cultures. Please visit our dedicated fundraising page. We hope you will add to your Leather Reign 12 experience by giving generously there!

Leather Reign 12’s sponsorship is not limited to the weekend of Nov. 9-11, 2018! It runs through the end of this year, a 90 day commitment to charitable fundraising.

The Leather Reign Board strongly encourages you to discover the first online resource that fundraises for one of the most honorable of all Leather traditions. It provides additional services that support Leather life

LeatherList.org is an online Leather-centered fundraising and services platform, born and bred in Seattle over the last two years.