All Leather folk should be familiar with Leather’s history of dealing with infectious disease and death. In the early 1980s, AIDS decimated nearly a whole generation of Leather men. Leather folk of every gender and orientation rose up to fight it. In the process they created a robust charitable fundraising tradition that continues to this day.

A note of support

In this situation caused by COVID-19, we just want to send out a note of support to everyone. We are all dealing with the effects of this pandemic. By reflecting on Leather’s history, we hope everyone draws both inspiration and examples of true grit, and generosity towards others.

Leather life will resume

We believe Leather’s event-based social and radical sexual life will resume when allowed, and that Leather folk will display the maturity, knowledge and wisdom to only do so when the coast is much clearer.


Until then, we hope that you’ll take some time to visit Enjoy the fact that we now have nearly 1000 listings of clubs/chapters, annual events and the one & only Leather Economy. Plus BDSM/Kink calendars and more! Leather culture is permanent and we intend to support that every day.

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