Leather Archives & MuseumLeather List will always take an opportunity to highlight our special Resource Directories category, National Leather Non-profit. The Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) is Leather’s pre-eminent nonprofit, and we want to take this opportunity to say a few words about that.

Leather unity

The direction that LA&M has firmly and permanently taken is one we believe is super important to highlight. The very creative programming direction developed by their family/team, led by Executive Director Gary Wasdin, is so right and important. All sexual orientations and genders are represented and included, with a past, present and future. We say – with humility – that their vision is one we share 100%.

Full agreement

Leather List agrees fully with LA&M. Leather is not just a group of cultures with histories. Leather is an intersectional reality moving forward, at the cutting edge of socio-cultural change. It’s firmly tied to its roots as a resistance movement against stereotyping, against exclusion and for a radically sex-positive future based on uncompromising equality.

Our vision

Leather List no longer fundraises, choosing instead to become a central database for Leather cultures. But our vision has never changed: All Leather-identified people will have the means to guide a strong community building effort, unified in support of Leather’s freedom and diversity.

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