LeatherList.org Resource Directories feature two types of non profits: Non-Profits and Membership Organizations and National Leather Non Profits. How are they different?

The Non Profit and Membership Organizations category is a mix of primarily local Leather clubs (including motorcycle clubs), sex-positive centers, education outfits and more. They are at the heart of Leather’s localized cultures.

National Leather Non Profits operate at a national U.S. level and carry the word “Leather” in their names. While nearly all are of them are small in size, they are important factors in the permanence of Leather cultures.


All of them generate revenue for other local businesses, with many community friendships.Both are necessary for the permanence of Leather cultures. That’s why both are very signficant parts of our Leather Economy directory.


Photo credits: Top: torbakhopper; Middle:Federico Borghi

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